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Illumacorp is pleased to present our product offering, especially the LED fixtures, which embody the latest technology in the industry. We strive to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, which is in an unprecedented growth mode. Our products are not imported; they are produced in Bradenton, Florida with domestically-sourced materials. Our personnel have been in the lighting business for over 30 years and we enjoy a reputation of responsibility and reliability in the marketplace. Let us help you!

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50101 RLM, Barnyard, or Snook Light

  • 50101 RLM, Barnyard, or Snook Light
  • 50101 RLM, Barnyard, or Snook Light
  • 50101 RLM, Barnyard, or Snook Light







50101S "Snook Light" RLM Shade.

This fixture harkens back to yester-year when this type of shade and incandescent lighting was found most everywhere illumination was needed, from factories to pool halls, restaurants, and street lighting.  New technology now enables this classic design to accommodate an optional LED light source.  The shape of the RLM shade provides a pleasing spread of light in addition to being "historically correct."  Furnished with a porcelain socket with nickel-plated brass screw shell, the spun-aluminum standard white powder-coated shade promises durability  and long life;  exposure to sunlight will not cause fading.    Colors are available options.



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