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Illumacorp is pleased to present our product offering, especially the LED fixtures, which embody the latest technology in the industry. We strive to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, which is in an unprecedented growth mode. Our products are not imported; they are produced in Bradenton, Florida with domestically-sourced materials. Our personnel have been in the lighting business for over 30 years and we enjoy a reputation of responsibility and reliability in the marketplace. Let us help you!

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Parking Garage, Canopy Lighter

  • Parking Garage, Canopy Lighter
  • Parking Garage, Canopy Lighter
  • Parking Garage, Canopy Lighter






This is a new, made-for LED housing which is only 4-1/2" deep compared to the typical made-over  housing which is 8-1/2".  The die-cast aluminum housing has 4 wire-entrance locations and is set up for pendant or surface mounting.  Fixture can be thru-fed or end-of-the line. Lens is sealed to the housing by way of a silicone rubber gasket with four stainless-steel screws, keeping out bugs and dirt.The lens is prismatic polycarbonate to provide a uniform light pattern and is highly vandal-resistant.  Four light output choices are offered:  1200 (13 watts), 2400 (26 watts), 3600 (38 watts) and 4500 (48 watts) lumens.  All color temperatures are 5,000K; other temperatures are available on special order.

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